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CMF by Nothing Buds vs Realme Buds T300: Best Value Earbuds Pick?

Alright, let’s talk earbuds! We’ve got two cool ones here: the CMF by Nothing Buds and the Realme Buds T300.

Both are easy on the wallet, costing under $50. We’re going to dive into what they offer, how they perform, and see which one gives you more bang for your buck.

So, if you’re trying to figure out which pair to pick, you’re in the right place. Let’s break it down and see which set of earbuds might be your next favorite.

Nothing CMF Buds vs Realme Buds T300: Specs comparison

FeatureCMF by Nothing BudsRealme Buds T300
Bluetooth Version5.35.3
Water and Dust ResistanceYesYes
Driver Size12.4mm Dynamic Drivers12.4mm Dynamic Drivers
Codec SupportAACAAC
FeaturesDual Device Pairing, In-ear DetectionStandard
Battery Life (Per Charge)Varies by usageVaries by usage
Charging Case Battery Life3-4 Full Charges3-4 Full Charges
Fast Charging SupportYesYes
PriceApproximately $25Approximately $25

CMF by Nothing Buds VS Realme Buds T300: Detailed review

Design and Build Quality

The CMF by Nothing Buds case has a unique semi-transparent design that allows you to see the earbuds inside.

The Realme Buds T300 case is more traditional but includes a pairing button. Both cases are built well and feel premium for the price.

CMF by Nothing Buds VS Realme Buds T300

The earbuds themselves have an in-ear fit with silicone tips in multiple sizes. The fit is secure enough for workouts and physical activities without the earbuds falling out.

Battery Life

The rated battery life depends on usage volume. At medium volumes, the CMF by Nothing Buds last around 4 hours, and the charging case provides 3-4 additional charges.

The Realme Buds T300 battery life is comparable. Both support fast charging.

App Support & Features

Both earbuds use Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity. They are rated IPX4 for water and dust resistance. The earbuds house 12.4mm dynamic drivers with support for AAC codec.

The CMF by Nothing Buds can be customized via the Nothing X app. It offers EQ presets, custom EQ, touch control customization, in-ear detection, dual device pairing, ultra bass mode, and more nifty features.

The Realme Link app for the Buds T300 is more basic but allows EQ adjustment, touch control customization, and gaming mode. Compared to Nothing’s offering, it misses out on some advanced capabilities.

Noise Cancellation

Both earbuds pack environmental noise cancellation with quad-mic setups. In outdoor situations with traffic sounds, the noise cancellation works decently to allow clear voice pick-up, though it does let through some background noise.

Indoors, the noise cancellation performance is better. Between the two, the CMF by Nothing Buds provided slightly more effective noise blocking in my testing.

Sound Quality

Here’s where things get interesting. The CMF by Nothing Buds and Realme Buds T300 share similar 12.4mm drivers and support for AAC codec. However, I found the sound signature to be a bit different.

CMF by Nothing Buds VS Realme Buds T300

The CMF by Nothing Buds has a touch more bass punch and impact, though it’s not hugely boosted. The mids and treble detail sounded a tad crisper to my ears compared to the Realme Buds T300.

Both sets sound good for music across genres, but the CMF by Nothing Buds pull slightly ahead in technicalities like imaging, instrument separation, and overall clarity.

Gaming Performance

For gaming, the two earbuds are evenly matched with an acceptable but not exceptional latency of around 50ms. The Realme Link app offers a low latency gaming mode.

Overall, you can comfortably use either model for casual mobile gaming without significant lag or audio sync issues.

Where to Buy?

CMF by Nothing Buds vs Realme Buds T300: Which One to Buy?

For most buyers, the CMF by Nothing Buds make more sense unless you specifically want to save a few bucks. The sleeker design, more feature-packed app support, extra audio personalization options, superior noise cancellation, and slightly better sound quality give it an edge over the Realme Buds T300.

However, if you want to spend less or prioritize simpler controls above nifty extras, the Realme Buds T300 remain a decent value pick in the $35 segment.

At the end of the day, both earbuds offer a good true wireless experience for the price, but the CMF by Nothing Buds take it a notch higher for not much more money.

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