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7 Best Earbuds Under $30 – You Should Checkout in 2024

I know you’re looking for cheap earbuds that provide maximum value for the money, and that’s why you’re here. But the burning question remains: are inexpensive earbuds any good?

Honestly, most budget-friendly earbuds do sacrifice some features. However, it’s also true that not everyone can splurge on high-end models.

So, based on our thorough testing and a few of my personal experiences, I’m going to introduce you to the 7 Best Earbuds Under $30.

While they may not be the ‘all-in-one’ solution, each offers great quality and exceptional value for your hard-earned cash.

Quick Winners:

Best Earbuds Under $30: Buying Advice

  1. Sound Quality: Even on a budget, you don’t want to compromise too much on sound. Look for earbuds with clear, balanced audio. Don’t expect the deep bass of more expensive models, but at least ensure the sound isn’t tinny or distorted.
  2. Comfort and Fit: You’ll likely be wearing these earbuds for extended periods, so comfort is key. Look for options with multiple ear tip sizes or adjustable features to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.
  3. Battery Life: This is crucial, especially if you’re on the go. Aim for earbuds that offer a decent battery life – at least a few hours of continuous playback. Also, check if the charging case provides extra juice.
  4. Build Quality: Cheaper doesn’t have to mean flimsy. Pay attention to the build quality of the earbuds. They should feel sturdy enough to handle daily wear and tear.
  5. Connectivity: Ensure that the earbuds have stable Bluetooth connectivity. Frequent dropouts can be frustrating, so look for earbuds that promise a strong and stable connection.
  6. Additional Features: While you may not get high-end features like noise cancellation in this price range, some budget earbuds do offer useful extras like water resistance, touch controls, or voice assistant compatibility.

Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $30: Top List

NoModelBest Deal
#1.Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5View on AliExpress
#2.Soundcore Life P2iView on AliExpress
#3.TOZO T10View on AliExpress
#4.Skullcandy DimeView on Amazon
#5.Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 LiteView on AliExpress
#6.JLab Go Air PopView on Amazon
#7.Haylou GT7View on AliExpress

Best Earbuds Under $30: Review

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5


  • Colors: Black, White, Light Blue
  • Earbud Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 24 mm; Weight: 5g
  • Charging Case Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 22 mm; Weight: 42g (with earbuds)
  • Active Noise Cancelling: Up to 46 dB
  • 12.4 mm Dynamic Driver
  • Battery: 150mAh (Earbuds), 500mAh (Case)
  • Battery Life: 10 hours (Earbuds, ANC off), 40 hours (with Case)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Water Resistance: IP54
  • Price: About $30

The Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5 strike a notable balance between affordability and performance.

Unveiled in a sleek design, these earbuds come in appealing colors with a comfortable fit, thanks to the color-matching silicon ear tips.

The standout feature is the active noise cancellation, which impressively blocks up to 46 dB of ambient noise, making them great for quiet environments.

Best Earbuds Under $30
image credit: Future

Sound quality is another strong point, with a 12.4 mm driver delivering clear, balanced audio across different music genres.

The earbuds offer a significant battery life of 10 hours per charge, extending to 40 hours with the case.

However, they fall short in gaming, as there’s noticeable latency and a lack of dedicated gaming mode. The lack of explicit water protection information could be a concern for some users.


  • Stylish design with comfortable fit
  • Effective ANC and customizable sound options
  • Excellent battery life


  • No clear information on water protection
  • Noticeable latency in gaming scenarios, no gaming mode

Soundcore Life P2i


  • Price: Under $25
  • Battery Life: 8 hours on a single charge
  • Quick Charge: 10 minutes for 1 hour of listening
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5
  • Design: Stem design with real buttons
  • Call Quality: Enhanced for clear voice transmission
  • Sound Profile: Bass-heavy with two sound settings

The Soundcore Life P2i earbuds are a testament to the fact that you don’t need to spend a fortune for quality sound and convenience.

Priced at an incredible $25, these earbuds offer a robust design suitable for everyday use, and their IPX5 rating means they can withstand rain and sweat, making them ideal for workouts.

The real buttons are a practical touch, especially when your hands are sweaty.

Best Earbuds Under $30
image credit: Future

Battery life is impressive with 8 hours of playback, and the quick charge feature is a lifesaver for those on the go.

Sound quality is where the Life P2i really shines – with a bass-heavy profile that brings energy and vibrancy to your music.

However, if you’re after a more balanced sound, these might not be your first choice.

For calls, the earbuds do a fantastic job, offering clarity and reducing background noise effectively.

Overall, the Soundcore Life P2i stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking reliable performance without breaking the bank.


  • Exceptional value for money
  • Strong battery life with quick charge feature
  • Effective for clear calls and suitable for workouts


  • Bass-heavy sound might not suit all listeners
  • Lacks a balanced sound profile for diverse music genres



  • Type: True Wireless
  • Battery Life: 6 hours (earbuds), 24 hours (with case)
  • Wireless Range: 40ft (12.2m)
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Charging: 1.5 hours, Quick Charge, USB-C & Qi Charging
  • Mic & Controls: Yes
  • Bluetooth Codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Water Resistance: IP68
  • Additional Features: Qi Wireless Charging, Quick Charging, Mono Mode, Touch Controls

The TOZO T10 earbuds are a standout choice for those who prioritize sound quality and durability without spending a lot.

Priced under $30, they offer a fun sound profile with a strong bass and a natural midrange, making them ideal for a wide range of music genres.

The IP68 rating for both earbuds and the charging case is a significant plus, ensuring full water resistance.

Best Earbuds Under $30
image credit: Future

Battery life is quite decent at 6 hours per charge, with an additional 24 hours provided by the charging case, which also supports quick and Qi wireless charging.

Comfort is another high point, with a smooth design that fits well for casual use.

However, they might not be the best option for high-intensity activities, as they tend to slip out during sweaty workouts.

Despite the mediocre microphone quality and noticeable audio delay in videos, the TOZO T10 remains a strong contender in the budget earbuds market.


  • Excellent water resistance (IP68 rating)
  • Good battery life with convenient charging options
  • Comfortable fit and fun sound quality


  • Not ideal for running or intense workouts
  • Mediocre microphone quality
  • Noticeable audio delay in video playback

Skullcandy Dime


  • Type: True Wireless
  • Battery Life: 3.5 hours (earbuds), 8.5 hours (with case)
  • Wireless Range: 33ft (10m)
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Charging: Micro-USB
  • Mic & Controls: Yes
  • Bluetooth Codecs: SBC
  • Water Resistance: IPX4

The Skullcandy Dime earbuds are a hidden gem in the budget earbuds market, offering exceptional audio performance that belies their under $30 price tag.

Their slightly V-shaped sound signature provides good dynamics and crystal-clear sound, challenging earbuds that are much more expensive.

The design is similar to the AirPods Pro, making them easy to handle and ensuring the microphone is optimally positioned for voice calls.

image credit: Future

Comfort is decent, although the physical buttons can be a bit intrusive during use. The IPX4 rating means they can handle sweat, making them suitable for light workouts.

Battery life is on the lower end, but with the additional hours provided by the compact charging case, it should suffice for daily use.

If you’re seeking natural-sounding wireless earbuds that punch well above their weight, the Skullcandy Dime is a top contender.


  • Superior sound quality for the price
  • Comfortable fit and ergonomic design
  • Good Bluetooth range and call quality


  • Limited battery life
  • Annoying physical control buttons
  • Somewhat plasticky build quality

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Lite


  • Type: True Wireless, Semi-In-Ear Design
  • Battery Life: 6.5 hours (earbuds), 23 hours (with case)
  • Charging: USB-C, 75 minutes for earbuds, 1 hour 45 minutes for case
  • Bluetooth: 5.3, Low-Latency Mode for movies/games
  • AI Noise Cancellation for calls
  • Water Resistance: IP54
  • Available Colors: Black, White, Orange
  • Additional Features: Google Fast Pair, Single Mode, Touch Controls

The Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Lite are a solid choice for those seeking comfortable, everyday earbuds on a budget.

These earbuds stand out with their semi-in-ear design, ensuring comfort without the pressure typically associated with in-ears, making them ideal for those with sensitive ears.

The AI noise cancellation effectively enhances call clarity, a feature not often seen at this price point.

image credit: Future

The low latency mode is a welcome addition for movie and gaming enthusiasts.

However, the semi-in-ear design does result in some bass loss, which may not suit all music preferences.

The lack of manual on/off switching and absence of volume control on the earbuds might be minor inconveniences for some users.

Overall, the Redmi Buds 4 Lite offer great value, decent sound quality, and impressive battery life, making them a practical choice for everyday use.


  • High comfort, especially for sensitive ears
  • Long battery life and efficient charging
  • Good call clarity and effective noise cancellation


  • Limited bass output due to semi-in-ear design
  • No manual on/off switching or volume control on earbuds

JLab Go Air Pop


  • Type: True Wireless
  • Battery Life: 8 hours (earbuds), 24 hours (with case)
  • Wireless Range: 45 feet (13.7 meters)
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • Charging: Built-in USB-A cable
  • Mic & Controls: Yes
  • Bluetooth Codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Additional Features: 3 EQ Presets, Built-In Charging Cable

The JLab Go Air Pop earbuds deliver a lively listening experience with their V-shaped sound profile, characterized by a punchy bass and sharp treble.

These are perfect for casual listeners who enjoy a bit of extra kick in their music without getting too analytical about sound quality.

The three EQ presets offer flexibility to adjust the sound to your liking. The design is straightforward and functional with touch controls for basic operations.

Best Earbuds Under $30
image credit: Future

Comfort and stability are notable, making them suitable for all-day wear, although they may not be the best for intense physical activities.

The battery life is a standout feature, boasting more than 9 hours per charge, surpassing many higher-priced competitors.

Additionally, their IPX4 rating ensures they can handle sweat and rain, enhancing their value.

If you’re looking for earbuds with great battery life and enjoyable sound at a budget-friendly price, the JLab Go Air Pop should be at the top of your list.


  • Long battery life with convenient built-in charging
  • Comfortable and stable fit for extended use
  • Enjoyable sound quality with 3 EQ presets


  • Plastic construction feels a bit cheap
  • Lack of ear wings may affect stability during vigorous exercises

Haylou GT7


  • Type: TWS True Wireless Earphones
  • Price: Under $25
  • Battery Life: 4.5 hours (earbuds), additional charges with case
  • Bluetooth: 5.2 with AAC codec
  • Included: Three ear tips, USB-C cable
  • Design: Semi-in-ear, medium-length stem
  • Controls: Tap and double-tap for various functions
  • Connectivity: Good, up to 9-10 meters range

The Xiaomi Haylou GT7 earbuds are an energetic and aggressive option for those on a budget.

Priced under $25, they offer a lively listening experience, particularly suited to modern genres like hip-hop and dance.

The design is straightforward yet comfortable, with the semi-in-ear fit ensuring a snug experience without too much pressure.

Best Earbuds Under $30
image credit: Future

Battery life is standard for the price range, and the earbuds come with a compact charging case for additional power on the go.

The controls are somewhat limited and could be more intuitive, but they cover the basic functions.

Connectivity is reliable, and the earbuds perform well for phone and video calls, offering clear voice transmission.

However, the sound can be a bit too aggressive for some, with a strong bass that tends to overshadow other frequencies.

The Haylou GT7 are a great choice for those who prefer a vibrant sound profile and need a reliable set of earbuds for everyday use.


  • Energetic and strong sound profile
  • Comfortable semi-in-ear design
  • Good connectivity and call quality


  • Bass can be overpowering, leading to a less balanced sound
  • Controls are somewhat limited and not very intuitive
  • No waterproof rating provided

Final Words on Best TWS Earbuds Under $30

I hope you choose a pair of earbuds from our list. While my top performer is the Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5, which may vary in price depending on the region, you can often find great deals on AliExpress.

Alternatively, the Soundcore Life P2i and TOZO T10 also perform exceptionally well. So, which one do you think is better? Tell us in the comments. Thank you for reading, and happy listening!


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