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Beats Studio Buds Plus vs Soundcore Liberty 4 NC: Don’t Make a Mistake!

The battle between mid-tier and budget true wireless earbuds is heating up, with the recently released Beats Studio Buds Plus and the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC vying for your hard-earned cash.

While the Beats Studio Buds Plus boast improved battery life, microphone quality, sound, and active noise cancellation (ANC) over their predecessor, the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC offers a surprisingly feature-rich package at a more affordable price point.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and see how these two contenders stack up.

Price & availability

The Beats Studio Buds Plus, with their sleek design and optimized for seamless switching between devices, especially within the Apple ecosystem, are priced at a retail price of $170, but they are known to go on sale for around $130​

On the other hand, the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC, is priced more affordably at $100 but could be available cheaper during sales.

Beats Studio Buds Plus vs Soundcore Liberty 4 NC: Specs comparison

FeatureBeats Studio Buds PlusSoundcore Liberty 4 NC
Battery LifeUp to 36 hours total (9 hours from earbuds + 27 from case)Up to 50 hours total (10 hours from earbuds + 40 from case)
ChargingUSB-C, Fast Fuel (5 mins charge for 1 hour playback)USB-C, Fast Charging (10 mins for 4 hours playback)
ANCYes, with Transparency modeYes, with adjustable Transparency mode
Water ResistanceIPX4IPX4
Weight (Earbuds)5g eachNot specified
Spatial AudioYesYes, with LDAC for Hi-Res Audio
CompatibilityEnhanced for both Apple and Android ecosystemsBroad compatibility, including Google Fast Pair for Android
Special FeaturesSpatial audio, Find My for iOS, Class 1 BluetoothLDAC, Adaptive Noise Cancelling, HearID sound customization
In the BoxEarbuds, case, eartips (four sizes), USB-C cable, warranty cardEarbuds, case, eartips (four sizes), USB-C cable, warranty

Beats Studio Buds Plus vs Soundcore Liberty 4 NC: Detailed review

Design & build quality

Both sets of earbuds feature a shallow in-ear design, akin to the AirPods Pro 2, prioritizing comfort over deep canal insertion. This design choice makes them less likely to cause discomfort during extended use.

The Liberty 4 NC, with its stem design, offers easier handling compared to the sleek but harder-to-grasp Beats Studio Buds Plus. While both earbuds fit well for casual use, their tendency to wiggle may not make them the best choice for intense workouts.

Beats Studio Buds Plus vs Soundcore Liberty 4 NC

Both earbuds come with cases suited for everyday carry. The Beats Studio Buds Plus case is notably slimmer, making it more convenient for on-the-go users.

A notable difference lies in the charging capabilities; both use a USB-C port, but the Liberty 4 NC adds wireless charging, a feature the Beats lack. This omission is surprising, especially considering Beats’ price point.


Seamless connectivity is crucial for a smooth listening experience, and both earbuds excel in this department. Each earbud connects independently to your device, allowing you to use either bud solo if desired.

The Beats Studio Buds Plus cater to power users with fast device switching capabilities and automatic pairing with other Apple devices linked to your iCloud account.

On the other hand, the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC take things a step further by allowing simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth devices, regardless of ecosystem. This hot-swapping feature offers unparalleled convenience for those juggling multiple devices.

Latency isn’t an issue for either earbuds when watching videos or movies on your phone, be it an iPhone or an Android device.

As for audio codecs, the Beats Studio Buds Plus support SBC and AAC, while the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC add LDAC to the mix, Sony’s high-resolution audio codec (though it can only be used on Android devices and drains battery life faster).

Sound Quality

When it comes to audio quality, the Beats Studio Buds Plus simply outshine the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC. While the latter offers customizable EQ settings to tailor the sound to your preferences, the Beats earbuds deliver superior instrument separation, deeper bass resonance with a subtle kick, crisper highs, and an overall more balanced sound profile.

Both earbuds offer intuitive media controls, with the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC utilizing touch-based touchpads and the Beats Studio Buds Plus opting for physical buttons.

However, the Soundcore earbuds gain a significant advantage with their proximity sensors, which automatically pause and resume playback when you remove or reinsert the earbuds – a convenient feature conspicuously absent from the more expensive Beats offering.

Active noise cancellation is a key selling point for both earbuds, and while their performance is decent overall, there are notable differences.

Beats Studio Buds Plus vs Soundcore Liberty 4 NC

In terms of ranking, the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC outperform the Beats Studio Buds Plus in terms of noise blocking capabilities, though they still fall behind top-tier options like the AirPods Pro 2 and Sony WF-1000XM4.

While ANC is useful in noisy environments, many users prefer to use ambient mode for situational awareness during daily activities. In this regard, the Beats Studio Buds Plus shine with their natural-sounding ambient mode, effective wind noise reduction, and active noise blocking to protect your ears from sudden loud sounds like sirens or barking dogs. The Soundcore Liberty 4 NC’s ambient mode is decent but lacks these advanced features.

Microphone quality is crucial for clear phone calls, and both earbuds deliver respectable performance in this area.

However, the Beats Studio Buds Plus edge out the competition with better voice clarity and superior noise reduction, effectively minimizing background chatter and road noise during outdoor use.

Battery life

The Beats Studio Buds Plus offer a combined battery life of 36 hours (ANC off), with the earbuds themselves lasting up to 9 hours and the case providing three additional charges.

The Liberty 4 NC, however, boasts a more impressive 50-hour battery life (ANC off), with the earbuds lasting up to 10 hours and the case offering four additional charges.

With superior battery life and the convenience of wireless charging, the Liberty 4 NC has a slight edge, despite its bulkier case.

Beats Studio Buds Plus vs Soundcore Liberty 4 NC: Which should you choose?

Choosing between the Beats Studio Buds Plus and the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC hinges on your preferences and budget. Both have their merits, tailored to different user needs.

Buy Beats Studio Buds Plus if you:

  • Value superior sound quality and microphone clarity.
  • Prefer a sleek, convenient case design.
  • Desire a better ambient mode experience.
  • Are willing to invest more for quality.

Buy Soundcore Liberty 4 NC if you:

  • Seek great value for money with solid ANC.
  • Prioritize long battery life and wireless charging.
  • Need earbuds with proximity sensors.
  • Want a feature-rich option at a budget-friendly price.

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