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QCY HT10 vs HT05: Which Earbuds Pair Should You Buy?

If you’re in the market for affordable true wireless earbuds, QCY offers some compelling options. Two of their popular models are the newer QCY HT10 and the QCY HT05.

While both deliver good sound quality and features for the price, there are some key differences to consider.

In this article, we’ll compare the QCY HT10 and QCY HT05 head-to-head to help you decide which is the better buy for your needs and preferences.

Before diving into the details, let’s take a quick look at the key differences between the QCY HT10 vs HT05:

CategoryQCY HT10QCY HT05
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.3Bluetooth 5.2
Battery Life (ANC off)5 hours7.5 hours
Noise CancellationHybrid Adaptive ANCStandard ANC (40dB)
Sound QualityLoud, punchy, adaptive EQLouder, more bass, superior overall
Earbud DesignStemless, low profileTraditional with silicone tips
App FeaturesMore customization optionsBasic EQ settings
Price (USD)Check on AliExpressCheck on AliExpress

QCY HT10 vs HT05: key Differences Explained

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is subjective, but both the QCY HT10 and HT05 are designed to provide a secure and pleasant fit for most ear shapes.

The HT10 has a sleeker, stem-free design that sits flush in the ear. Some may find this lower profile more comfortable.


The HT05 has a more traditional earbud shape with soft silicone tips to seal in the ear canal.

Both are lightweight and shouldn’t cause fatigue even with extended use.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The QCY HT10 uses Bluetooth 5.3, while the QCY HT05 has Bluetooth 5.2. In practical use, both provide a stable wireless connection.

However, the slightly newer Bluetooth version in the HT10 may offer minor improvements in power efficiency and range.

QCY HT10 vs HT05

Both earbuds are compatible with the QCY smartphone app for customizing settings.

Noise Cancellation

The QCY HT10 boasts hybrid adaptive ANC, while the HT05 provides standard ANC rated for up to 40dB of noise reduction.

In practice, the HT05 actually delivers better noise cancelling performance – it’s one of the most effective ANC implementations from QCY to date.


The adaptive ANC on the HT10 is decent but not quite as impressive. For blocking out background noise, the HT05 is the superior option.

Sound Quality

Sound is another strength for both the QCY HT10 and HT05. The HT10 produces loud, punchy audio with well-defined bass. It has an adaptive sound effect that optimizes the EQ based on the content.

Overall audio fidelity is excellent for the price – it outperforms the older QCY T20 and is among the best-sounding TWS earbuds from QCY without silicone ear tips.

QCY HT10 vs HT05

As great as the HT10 sounds, the HT05 is even better. It gets a bit louder and delivers harder-hitting bass, especially when you engage the bass boost mode in the app.

The HT05 represents some of the best audio you can get from QCY. It’s a small but noticeable step up from the HT10 in overall sound quality.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the QCY HT05 comes out ahead. With active noise cancellation (ANC) turned off, the HT05 provides up to 7.5 hours of continuous music playback, depending on volume level.

In contrast, the QCY HT10 offers around 5 hours of play time with ANC disabled. So if longer battery life on a single charge is a priority, the HT05 is the better choice.


At the time of this writing, the QCY HT10 costs around $50 USD, while the HT05 sells for roughly $25 USD. Prices include import fees for most regions.

Both offer tremendous value and punch above their price in terms of features and performance.

Best Deals:

QCY HT10: View on AliExpress

QCY HT05: View on AliExpress

Final Verdict

The QCY HT10 and HT05 are both excellent affordable wireless earbuds. You can’t go wrong with either, but there are reasons to prefer one over the other.

The HT10 has a newer Bluetooth version, slimmer profile, adaptive sound, and more app features.

However, the HT05 lasts significantly longer on a charge, blocks out noise more effectively, and sounds a bit better, all while costing half as much.

Unless you strongly prefer the stemless design of the HT10, the HT05 is arguably the better overall value.

You get top-notch sound, highly effective ANC, and stellar battery life at an unbeatable price.

But those who prioritize comfort and app features may find the HT10 more compelling. Ultimately, both the QCY HT10 and HT05 are winners and easy to recommend.

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