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1MORE Launches Affordable Q10 and Q20 Wireless Earbuds

1MORE, a well-known audio brand, has quietly introduced two new pairs of wireless earbuds: the Q10 and Q20. These earbuds offer great value for money, with prices under $25.

Q10: Entry-Level Excellence

Price Point and Positioning

At just $16.99, the 1MORE Q10 targets the ultra-budget segment of the wireless earbud market. This aggressive pricing strategy puts high-quality audio within reach of almost any consumer.

Design and Comfort

  • Ergonomic design for extended wear
  • Only available in white, focusing on simplicity

Technical Specifications

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 for stable, low-latency connections

Driver: 13 mm dynamic driver unit

    • Promises deep bass response
    • Engineered for high-speed acoustic delivery

    Water Resistance: IPX4 rating

      • Suitable for light splashes and sweat

      Battery Life:

        • Earbuds: Up to 7.5 hours on a single charge
        • Total with case: 26 hours


        The Q10 punches well above its weight class. The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.3 and a large 13 mm driver at this price point is particularly impressive. While it lacks advanced features, it nails the basics, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers or as a backup pair.

        1MORE Launches Affordable Q10 and Q20 Wireless Earbuds

        Q20: Feature-Rich Without Breaking the Bank

        Price and Value Proposition

        Priced at $24.99, the Q20 occupies a sweet spot between ultra-budget and mid-range earbuds. It offers features typically found in much more expensive models.

        Color Options

        Available in classic white and black, catering to different style preferences

        Advanced Features

        QuietMax Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

          • Rare at this price point
          • Helps isolate the listener from ambient noise

          Dual-microphone AI-powered noise canceling for calls

            • Leverages artificial intelligence to improve call clarity
            • Particularly effective in windy conditions

            Transparency Mode

              • Allows users to hear their surroundings without removing the earbuds

              Ergonomic Design

                • 45-degree oblique angle for a secure fit
                • Ideal for active users and workout enthusiasts

                Battery Life

                • Improved over the Q10
                • Up to 30 hours total playtime with the charging case


                The Q20 represents exceptional value. The inclusion of ANC and advanced call features at this price point is almost unheard of. It’s likely to appeal to a wide range of users, from commuters to fitness enthusiasts.

                1MORE Launches Affordable Q10 and Q20 Wireless Earbuds

                Market Impact and Competition

                1MORE’s strategy with the Q10 and Q20 appears to be a direct challenge to established players in the budget earbud market.

                By offering features typically found in more expensive models, they’re putting pressure on competitors to either lower prices or improve their entry-level offerings.

                Which One Should You Choose?

                If you’re on a tight budget and want simple, good-quality earbuds, the Q10 is a solid choice. But if you can spend a bit more, the Q20 offers extra features that make it worth considering.

                For those willing to spend extra, 1MORE also offers the Fit SE S30 earbuds. They’re currently on sale at Amazon for $59.99 (down from $69.99), and some customers might even get an extra 20% off.

                Best Deal:

                Q20: Check here

                Q10: Check here

                Final Words

                With the Q10 and Q20, 1MORE continues to demonstrate that quality audio doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag. These earbuds offer a compelling mix of features, sound quality, and affordability that’s likely to appeal to a broad audience.

                The true test will be in real-world performance and longevity, but on paper, both the Q10 and Q20 appear poised to make a significant impact in the budget wireless earbud market. They not only provide excellent options for cost-conscious consumers but also challenge other manufacturers to step up their game in the entry-level segment.

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