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QCY T13 ANC vs QCY HT05: In-Depth Comparison

If we talk about some best budget-friendly earbuds, the QCY T13 ANC and QCY HT05 stand out as two prominent contenders, both priced around the 25 to 30 USD mark. These earbuds have been the subject of much anticipation, and rightfully so.

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to see which one edges out as the superior choice for your ears and wallet.

QCY T13 ANC vs QCY HT05: Specs Comparison

FeatureQCY T13 ANCQCY HT05
Price~25-39.99 Euros~30-40 Euros
DesignCompact with LED and buttonSimilar with QCY logo and different LED
Battery Life (Earbuds)Up to 7 hoursUp to 7.5 hours
Battery Life (with Case)Up to 40 hoursUp to 30 hours
ChargingUSB Type-CUSB Type-C
Bluetooth Version5.35.2
Audio CodecAACAAC
App CompatibilityQCY App (iOS, Android)QCY App (iOS, Android)
Microphone QualityAdequate with external noise issuesSuperior clarity and noise cancellation
Sound QualityGood overall with 10mm bio-diaphragm driverBetter balance and control with 10mm graphene driver
Water ResistanceNot specifiedIPX5
Additional FeaturesCustomizable touch controls, Gaming modeCustomizable touch controls, Gaming mode

QCY T13 ANC vs QCY HT05: In-Depth Review

Design and Build Quality

Both the T13 ANC and HT05 share striking similarities in design, with subtle differences setting them apart.

The cases of both models are nearly identical, differentiated only by the LED and button placement. The HT-05 boasts the QCY logo and a slightly different LED than the T13 ANC.

The design ethos here clearly prioritizes functionality and simplicity over flamboyance.


Comfort is a key aspect where both models excel. They sit snugly in the ear, making them suitable for extended listening sessions or even for use during physical activities.

This comfort does not come at the expense of build quality, as both models feel sturdy and well-made.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery performance is crucial for wireless earbuds, and both models perform admirably in this regard.

The T13 ANC promises up to 7 hours of playback, extending to 40 hours with the charging case.

The HT05 slightly edges out with up to 7.5 hours of playback and 30 hours with the case.

Both models charge via USB Type-C, though they lack wireless charging—a feature that is often sacrificed in this price bracket.

Connectivity and App Features

In terms of connectivity, the T13 ANC takes a slight lead with Bluetooth 5.3 and AAC audio codec, compared to the HT05’s Bluetooth 5.2.


Both models are compatible with the QCY app, available on both Android and iOS.

This app is a significant value addition, offering customizable controls, firmware updates, and an equalizer for personalizing your sound experience.

Microphone Quality

Here, the HT05 distinctly outperforms the T13 ANC. The HT05 offers clearer voice quality and better noise cancellation, making it the preferred choice for calls, especially in noisy environments.

The T13 ANC, while adequate, struggles with external noise cancellation and tends to produce a tinny sound quality.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is arguably the most critical factor in choosing earbuds. The HT05 features a 10mm graphene dynamic driver, while the T13 ANC is equipped with a 10mm bio-diaphragm driver.

Both deliver an impressive audio experience, but the HT05 shines with its control over low frequencies and higher volume levels.

The HT05 provides a more balanced and rich sound profile, making it a better choice for audiophiles on a budget.

Price and Value for Money

Priced officially at $39.99, the T13 ANC can often be found for around $25 on platforms like Amazon or AliExpress. The HT05, typically around $40 on Amazon, also sees its price drop during sales.

While the T13 ANC is more wallet-friendly, the HT05’s superior sound quality and microphone performance make it worth the extra investment for those who can stretch their budget slightly.

QCY T13 ANC vs QCY HT05: Final Thoughts

Choosing between the QCY T13 ANC and HT05 comes down to what you value most in your earbuds. If budget is your primary constraint, the T13 ANC offers great value for its price.

However, if you can afford to spend a bit more, the HT05 is undoubtedly the better investment, offering superior sound quality, better microphone performance, and an overall more satisfying user experience.

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