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Redmi Buds 5 Pro vs Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro: One clear winner

When it comes to picking the perfect pair of wireless earbuds, the Redmi Buds 5 Pro and Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro are both solid options in the market.

They offer a bunch of cool features at a reasonable price, so they’re great choices for folks who want top-notch audio without breaking the bank.

In this detailed comparison, we’ll dig into the key aspects of these earbuds to help you figure out which one is a better fit for you.

Before diving into the details, let’s take a quick look at the key differences between the Redmi Buds 5 Pro vs Baseus Bowei MA10 Pro:

CategoryRedmi Buds 5 ProBaseus Bowei MA10 Pro
BluetoothBluetooth 5.3Bluetooth 5.3
Battery LifeUp to 10 hours (ANC off)Approximately 8 hours at 70% volume
Wear DetectionYesNo
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)52dB48dB
Sound QualityExcellent, with powerful bass and customizable sound effectsVery good, with strong bass and EQ settings
Microphone QualityClear voice transmissionDecent call quality
App CompatibilityXiaomi Airbuds appBaseus app
PriceCheck on AliExpressCheck on AliExpress

Design and Comfort

When it comes to earbuds, design and comfort are super important, especially if you plan on using them for a long time.

Luckily, the Redmi Buds 5 Pro have got you covered with their super ergonomic design. They fit snugly and comfortably in your ears, so you can wear them for hours without any discomfort.

Plus, they’re lightweight and compact, which is perfect for those marathon listening sessions. And guess what? They even come with different sizes of silicone tips, so you can customize the fit and make sure they stay securely in your ears.

Redmi Buds 5 Pro

Now, let’s talk about the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro. These bad boys also have a sleek design that fits nicely in your ears. They might be a tad bulkier than the Redmi Buds 5 Pro, but don’t worry, they’re still comfy to wear for long periods of time.

Just like their Redmi counterparts, they come with multiple ear tip sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your unique ear shape.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Both the Redmi Buds 5 Pro and the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro are equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, ensuring stable and fast connections.

The Redmi Buds 5 Pro pair quickly with devices and are compatible with the Xiaomi Airbuds app, which provides additional settings and controls for a personalized experience.

Similarly, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro offers quick pairing and can be managed through the Baseus app, allowing users to customize their audio preference

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

ANC is a must-have feature when it comes to blocking out unwanted noise in different situations.

The Redmi Buds 5 Pro really nail it with their ANC capability, rated at 52 dB. This means they excel at keeping the noise at bay, even in noisy environments. With such powerful noise cancellation, you can fully immerse yourself in your music or podcast.

On the other hand, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro also offers ANC, but with a rating of 48 dB. While it’s effective, it’s just a tad less potent compared to the Redmi Buds 5 Pro.

Sound Quality

When it comes to choosing earbuds, sound quality is always a top consideration. And let me tell you, the Redmi Buds 5 Pro deliver exceptional sound quality.

They offer deep bass and crystal-clear highs, giving you a truly immersive listening experience. Plus, you won’t have to worry about distortion even at high volume levels.

And guess what? You can even customize the sound to your liking through the Xiaomi Airbuds app. Now, let’s talk about the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro.

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro

They also provide good sound quality with solid bass and the ability to blast your tunes at high volumes.

The Baseus app lets you tweak the sound effects, although overall, the sound quality is considered slightly inferior to that of the Redmi Buds 5 Pro.

Microphone Quality

For those of you who rely on earbuds for calls or voice commands, microphone quality is a big deal.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the Redmi Buds 5 Pro have got you covered. Their microphone performance is clear and crisp, even in noisy surroundings.

Redmi Buds 5 Pro Earbuds

So whether you’re making calls or giving voice commands, these earbuds will make sure you’re heard loud and clear.

Now, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro also offer decent microphone quality, but they don’t quite match up to the clarity of the Redmi Buds 5 Pro, especially in very noisy environments.

Battery Life

The Redmi Buds 5 Pro offer up to 10 hours of continuous playback without active noise cancellation (ANC). They also feature a sensor that pauses music when the earbuds are removed, helping to conserve battery life. The charging case provides additional charges, extending the total usage time significantly.

In comparison, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro provides up to 8 hours of continuous music playback at 70% volume. However, it lacks the pause function when removed from the ears. While the charging case does extend the total battery life, it doesn’t match the longevity of the Redmi Buds 5 Pro.


The Redmi Buds 5 Pro are generally priced around ‎$89.99. While they have a higher price point, they justify the cost with superior features, better sound quality, and longer battery life.

On the other hand, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro typically costs around $60, making them a more affordable option. They offer good value for the price but come with fewer features compared to the Redmi Buds 5 Pro.

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Redmi Buds 5 Pro vs Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro: Who is the winner?

So, when it comes down to it, both the Redmi Buds 5 Pro and the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro have their own strengths.

The Redmi Buds 5 Pro, although a bit pricier, offer top-notch sound quality, longer battery life, and some cool advanced features. They’re definitely the go-to option for those who want top performance in their earbuds.

On the other hand, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro gives you a more wallet-friendly choice. They perform well and provide decent quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

In the end, which one you go for depends on what you value the most. Are you all about that high-performance and advanced features? Or do you prefer a more affordable price tag with good functionality?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these earbuds and which one you prefer!

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