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Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5 Pro Review: My Honest Experience!

Hello, everyone! I finally get to share my experience with the new Xiaomi earphones – the Redmi Buds 5 Pro.

After only a few hours with these earphones, they have already left a spectacular impression on me.

In this article, I’ll share my first impressions of these earphones, which have made a significant leap in quality while maintaining their price from last year.

They offer an experience closer to premium headphones than to those typically found in the budget-friendly category.

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5 Pro: Pros and Cons


  1. High-Quality Sound: The Redmi Buds 5 Pro offers impressive sound quality, with well-defined bass, clear mids, and strong highs. The balance in sound makes for a pleasant listening experience.
  2. Advanced Noise Cancellation: Featuring a noise reduction capability of up to 52 decibels, these earbuds provide excellent noise cancellation, which is a significant advantage, especially in noisy environments.
  3. Comfortable Design: The ergonomically curved design and the lightweight build (each earbud weighing just 4.4 grams) ensure comfort even during extended use.
  4. Robust Connectivity: With Bluetooth 5.3 support, they offer stable and quick pairing with a wide range of devices. The multipoint connection to different devices is a convenient feature.
  5. Enhanced Drivers: The integration of an 11mm titanium-plated driver and a 10mm ceramic tweeter contributes to the high-quality sound output.
  6. Water and Dust Resistance: With IP54 rating, they are resistant to splashes and dust, making them suitable for outdoor activities and workouts.
  7. Customizable Controls: Through the Xiaomi Airbuds app, users can customize touch controls for a personalized experience.


  1. Reduced Battery Life: The battery life has seen a reduction compared to its predecessor, offering about 6.5 hours with ANC on, which might not be sufficient for users needing longer usage times.
  2. Design Continuity: The design remains very similar to the previous generation, which might not appeal to those looking for a fresh aesthetic.
  3. Limited Low-Latency Mode: While the general latency performance is good, the lack of a dedicated low-latency mode could be a drawback for gamers or those who require precise audio-video synchronization.
  4. Price Variation: There is a noticeable price difference between the official Chinese market and international purchases (e.g., via AliExpress), which might affect affordability for some users.
  5. Lack of Wireless Charging: The absence of a wireless charging feature for the case might be seen as a drawback, especially as this feature is becoming more common in earbuds.
  6. Language Barrier: Initial setup and instructions might be challenging for non-Chinese speakers, as the product is initially launched with documentation primarily in Chinese.

Unboxing and First Look

Upon receiving the Redmi Buds 5 Pro, the packaging follows the same pattern as the previous generation – a white square box displaying the design and features (in Chinese). 

Inside, you’ll find the usual contents: the earphones, a charging case, two earbud tips, a USB-C cable, and a user manual.

Design and Build Quality

Similar Design with Refinements

The design of the Redmi Buds 5 Pro is nearly identical to the previous generation but with some refined details. They are available in blue, black, and white with a glossy finish.

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5 Pro Review

Ergonomic Improvements

These earphones feature an ergonomically curved design for a more comfortable fit in the ear, alongside a slightly larger metallic driver. Each earbud weighs 4.4 grams and is equipped with IP54 resistance, making them comfortable for long hours of use and stable during workouts.

Case Design

The charging case mirrors the earphones’ design, with a matte finish matching their color. It’s compact and features the Redmi logo, an LED indicator on the front, and a USB-C port with a pairing button at the base.

Connectivity and Usability

Bluetooth 5.3 Compatibility

With Bluetooth 5.3, the Redmi Bat 5 Pro ensures robust connectivity across a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS platforms, Samsung tablets, and even smart TVs. This versatility is crucial for users who use multiple devices.

Fast Pairing

The headphones are designed to pair quickly upon opening the case, a feature that enhances user convenience significantly. The inclusion of Google’s Fast Pair technology further streamlines this process.

Audio Quality and Performance

High-Resolution Audio

The Redmi Buds 5 Pro headphones come with a high-resolution audio certification, ensuring that the sound quality is not just good but exceptional. 

The Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) plays a pivotal role in this, offering a clear, crisp sound that is comparable to physically connected high-end headphones.

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 5 Pro Review

Equalization and Sound Profile

The sound profile of the Buds 5 Pro is impressively balanced, with a slight emphasis on bass, catering to contemporary music preferences. However, the lack of an in-built equalizer might be a downside for audiophiles who prefer to tailor their listening experience.

Noise Cancellation

One of the standout features of the Redmi Buds 5 Pro is its noise cancellation capability, which is claimed to be one of the best in the mid-range segment. 

The headphones offer up to 60 decibels of noise reduction, which is a significant figure for headphones at this price point. 

This feature will be tested thoroughly in various environments to provide a more detailed analysis.

Microphone Performance

The three-microphone setup promises clear call quality, even in noisy environments. 

The use of AI for noise cancellation during calls is a forward-thinking feature that could set new standards for call quality in mid-range headphones.

Low Latency Mode

The low latency mode is particularly important for video content and gaming, ensuring that audio sync issues are minimized. This feature will be tested to determine its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

Battery Life and Charging

The Buds 5 Pro is expected to offer around 8 hours of battery life, which is above average for wireless headphones in this segment. 

However, this review will include a more detailed analysis of battery performance under various usage conditions.

Redmi Buds 5 Pro: Full Specifications

ModelRedmi Buds 5 Pro
DesignTWS Earbuds
TypeIn the Ear
BluetoothYes, 5.3
Bluetooth Range10 m
Voice AssistantYes, Siri/Google
Water ResistantYes
Music ControlsPause/Play
Call ControlsAccept/Reject calls
Switch between Call and MusicYes
Deep BassYes
Frequency Response20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max)
Driver Type10mm piezoelectric ceramic tweeter for crystal-clear treble & 11mm titanium-plated dynamic subwoofer
Noise ReductionAI Call Noise Reduction
Active Noise CancellationYes, 52dB
Sales Package1 U Earbuds, Charging Case, Charging Cable, User Manual
Battery Life38 hours with Case (ANC Off), 10 hours (Earbuds with ANC Off)
Charging Time1.5 hours (Case)

Final Thoughts

My first encounter with Xiaomi’s Redmi Buds 5 Pro has set high expectations. They represent a significant step up in sound quality and noise cancellation, placing them at a very competitive position in their price range. 

Whether these headphones justify their price point compared to their predecessor and other competitors will be a key part of the final assessment. Stay tuned for the comprehensive analysis after a month of rigorous testing.

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