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EarFun Air 2 Launches with LDAC, IPX7 & 40-Hr Battery Life

EarFun has just announced the launch of its latest game-changing innovation in the world of true wireless earbuds – the EarFun Air 2, which is sure to be a game-changer for audio enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

Set to hit the shelves in March, these earbuds are not just another addition to the market; they represent a significant leap forward in combining high-quality audio performance with the practical features users have come to expect from top-tier audio equipment.

EarFun Air 2 Specifications

Product NameEarFun Air 2
Audio CertificationHi-Res Audio Wireless
Codec SupportLDAC
Transmission SpeedUp to 990 KBit/s
Resolution96 kHz/24 Bit and higher
Driver Size10-mm Wool-composite
Water ResistanceIPX7
Sweat ProtectionSweatShield Technology
Battery Life (Earbuds)Up to 9 hours
Total Battery Life (with Charging Case)Over 40 hours
Gaming ModeAudio latency < 55 milliseconds
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3, Simultaneous connection to two devices
Microphone Array4-microphone array for call noise reduction
Charging OptionsUSB and Wireless Charging
Color OptionsBlack, White
AvailabilityStarting March

High-Resolution Audio Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

The EarFun Air 2 earbuds are not just about listening to music; they’re about experiencing it.

With Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification and support for Sony’s advanced LDAC codec, these earbuds are designed to deliver unparalleled audio quality.

This means users can enjoy music at speeds of up to 990 KBit/s and resolutions reaching 96 kHz/24 Bit and beyond.

It’s an audiophile’s dream come true, providing crystal-clear sound that captures every nuance of the music.

EarFun Air 2

At the heart of the EarFun Air 2’s exceptional sound are the custom 10-mm Wool-composite drivers.

These drivers are the secret sauce behind the earbuds’ ability to produce an extended high-frequency range and richer sound details.

Whether you’re a fan of classical, rock, pop, or jazz, the EarFun Air 2 earbuds ensure your music sounds exactly the way the artists intended.

Designed for an Active Lifestyle

Understanding the needs of users who are always on the move, EarFun has equipped the Air 2 earbuds with an IPX7 rating for dust and water resistance.

This feature, combined with EarFun’s own SweatShield technology, makes these earbuds a perfect companion for workouts, runs, or any outdoor adventures. Rain or shine, sweat or splashes, your music keeps playing without a hitch.

EarFun Air 2

Battery life is often a dealbreaker when it comes to wireless earbuds, but the EarFun Air 2 stands out with up to 9 hours of playback time on a single charge.

The included charging case pushes this to over 40 hours, ensuring your music, podcasts, or audiobooks are always ready when you are.

A Gamer’s Delight and multi-taskers Dream

The EarFun Air 2 doesn’t stop at music. With a special gaming mode that cuts audio latency to less than 55 milliseconds, these earbuds are also perfect for gamers and movie buffs.

This feature ensures that the audio syncs perfectly with the visuals on your smartphone or tablet, providing an immersive experience whether you’re battling in-game or streaming your favorite show.

Moreover, Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity allows for a seamless and stable connection, with the added convenience of connecting to two devices simultaneously.

Whether you’re switching between your smartphone and computer or your tablet and laptop, the EarFun Air 2 keeps you connected without missing a beat.

While active noise cancellation is notably absent, EarFun makes up for it with a 4-microphone array designed to minimize ambient noise during calls.

This ensures clear conversations even in bustling environments. Plus, with the EarFun Audio App, users can customize their listening experience, from checking battery status to adjusting equalizer settings and touch control preferences.

Easy Charging and Availability

Charging the EarFun Air 2 is a breeze, thanks to the support for both USB and wireless charging options. This versatility means you can power up your earbuds in whatever way is most convenient for you, ensuring they’re always ready to go.

Available in classic black and sleek white, the EarFun Air 2 earbuds are priced at an accessible €49.99. This competitive pricing, combined with the earbuds’ array of features, makes the EarFun Air 2 an attractive option for anyone looking to upgrade their audio experience without breaking the bank.

As we look forward to their release in March, the EarFun Air 2 earbuds are poised to set a new standard in the true wireless earbud market.

With their exceptional audio quality, practical features, and user-friendly design, they are sure to win hearts (and ears) around the globe.

Whether you’re an audiophile, a fitness enthusiast, a gamer, or simply someone who appreciates good music, the EarFun Air 2 earbuds are worth watching out for.

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