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Realme Buds T100 vs Redmi Buds Essential: Buy the right one!

When it comes to affordable audio gear, the Realme Buds T100 and Redmi Buds Essential are two top contenders competing for the title of the best earphones within the 20 to 25 USD price range.

Both brands are known for their value-driven products, making this comparison even more intriguing.

For those looking to make an informed purchase decision or simply curious about how these two models stack up against each other, this article provides you clear verdict.

Realme Buds T100 vs Redmi Buds Essential: Specs Comparison

FeatureRealme Buds T100Redmi Buds Essential
Build MaterialPlastic with superior finishPlastic
Case DesignThicker, USB Type-C port, LED indicator for battery and pairingCompact, micro USB port, LED indicator for charging
Headphone SizeLargerSmaller
ControlsCustomizable via app, touch areaClickable buttons, basic functions
Water ResistanceIPX5IPX4
Battery Life (Earbuds + Case)6 hours + 28 hours5.5 hours + 18 hours
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3, AAC codec, better Android compatibilityBluetooth 5.2, SBC codec
Sound Quality10mm titanium-plated drivers, better bass control and detail7.2mm drivers
Additional FeaturesCustomizable touch controls, dedicated app (not iOS compatible)Limited to basic functions
Pricearound $25around $20

Realme Buds T100 vs Redmi Buds Essential: In-depth review

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to design, both the Realme Buds T100 and the Redmi Buds Essential are made of plastic, which is expected at this price point.

However, the Realme Buds T100 takes the lead with a superior finish that feels more solid and better built.

Realme Buds T100 vs Redmi Buds Essential

The case of the Realme Buds T100, despite being thicker and slightly less comfortable, offers a more premium feel compared to the Essential’s.

Notably, the Realme case features a USB Type-C port, an upgrade from the micro USB port found on the Essential, highlighting a trend towards modern connectivity options.

Headphone Features and Usability

Size-wise, the Realme Buds are larger, which may affect fit and comfort differently across users.

Both models offer touch controls, but the Realme Buds T100 offers customizable controls through an app, providing a more tailored user experience.

]Additionally, the Realme earbuds boast IPX5 resistance, slightly better than the IPX4 rating of the Essentials, offering peace of mind during workouts or in light rain.

Unfortunately, neither model includes a proximity sensor for automatic play/pause, a feature missed by many users.

Battery Life and Connectivity

Battery performance is crucial for wireless earbuds, and here the Realme Buds T100 outshines the Redmi Buds Essential.

With 6 hours of continuous use and up to 28 hours with the case, the Realme offers significantly longer listening times compared to the Essential’s 5.5 hours per earbud and a total of 18 hours with the case.

Furthermore, the Realme Buds T100 supports Bluetooth 5.3 and AAC codec, ensuring better sound quality and connectivity compared to the Bluetooth 5.2 and SBC codec of the Essential.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is often the deal-breaker, and the Realme Buds T100, with its 10-millimeter titanium-plated dynamic drivers, provides a superior auditory experience.

The Realme earbuds offer better bass control and detail, standing out in comparison to the 7.2-millimeter drivers of the Redmi Buds Essential.

Realme Buds T100 vs Redmi Buds Essential

While mid and high frequencies are comparably handled by both, the Realme Buds T100 edges ahead with better overall sound quality.

Where to Buy?

ModelBest Deal
Realme Buds T100View on AliExpress
Redmi Buds EssentialView on AliExpress

Realme Buds T100 vs Redmi Buds Essential: The Verdict

Considering all the factors, the Realme Buds T100 emerges as the clear winner in this comparison.

With its better battery life, modern USB Type-C connectivity, superior sound quality, and additional features like customizable touch controls and a dedicated app, it offers a more comprehensive package.

While the Redmi Buds Essential are by no means a poor choice, they fall behind when directly compared to the Realme Buds T100.

For those in the market for budget-friendly earphones that do not compromise on quality, the Realme Buds T100 is the preferable option. It’s a testament to how far budget earphones have come, offering features and performance once reserved for higher-priced models.

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