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Jabra Improves Call Quality with Latest Update for Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active Earbuds

Jabra, a leading audio equipment company, has recently released a firmware update for its popular Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active true wireless earbuds.

The new firmware version 3.1.6 brings three significant improvements to the noise cancellation and core audio quality, making these earbuds even more appealing for users who prioritize excellent call performance.

Jabra Improves Call Quality with Latest Update for Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active Earbuds
image credit: Jabra

Better Noise Cancellation During Calls

One of the standout features of this firmware update is the improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) during phone calls. Previously, users were unable to utilize noise cancellation while on calls with the Elite 10 or Elite 8 Active.

With this update, however, Jabra has introduced the option to activate ‘S Tone’ during calls, akin to a transparency mode. This functionality allows users to adjust side tone settings even during calls, enabling a more personalized and controlled experience.

For example, users can now triple-tap during a call to turn off S Tone, which effectively mimics the experience of having noise cancellation activated.

Improved Microphone Performance

The firmware update also brings enhancements to microphone noise cancellation, particularly in filtering out background voices during calls.

To gauge the impact of this improvement, tests were conducted before and after the update using standardized scenarios.

Results show that both the Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active exhibited noticeable improvements in various test environments, such as quiet rooms and noisy settings like those with loud kid noises or simulated city sounds with wind.

Improved Wind Noise Reduction

A key focus of the update is the refinement of wind noise reduction. The new firmware optimizes the coordination between the microphones, enabling more efficient detection and suppression of wind noise.

While the transition in and out of wind noise reduction mode could be faster, the update represents a solid step forward in mitigating wind interference during calls and while using noise cancellation or transparency modes.

Performance Results

Post-update assessments reveal positive changes in call quality and noise cancellation effectiveness.

The Elite 10’s overall score increased from 8.2 to 8.7, reflecting improvements across different test scenarios.

Similarly, the Elite 8 Active showed advancements in various conditions, further enhancing its usability in real-world settings.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Jabra Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active firmware 3.1.6 update represents a significant step forward in call quality and noise management.

The improvements to ANC during calls, microphone performance, and wind noise reduction make these earbuds an even more compelling option for those who prioritize exceptional audio fidelity and clarity during voice communication.

While the wind noise transition could still use some refinement, the overall enhancements provided by this update are sure to be appreciated by Jabra users.


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