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Baseus Bowie MA10s vs MA10: Which is the Better Option?

Baseus, a popular name in the world of audio accessories, has recently launched the Bowie MA10s true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds.

These new earbuds are an upgrade to the previous year’s model, the Bowie MA10.

Both earbuds share several features, such as 48dB active noise cancelling, 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, Bluetooth 5.3, low latency mode, and mobile app support.

However, there are some differences between the two models that may influence your purchasing decision.

In this article, we will compare the Baseus Bowie MA10s and Bowie MA10 to help you determine which earbuds are the better choice for you in 2024.

Baseus Bowie MA10s vs MA10: Specs Comparison

CategoryBaseus Bowie MA10sBaseus Bowie MA10
Noise Cancellation48dB Active Noise Cancelling,
4-Mics ENC cancellation
48dB Noise Cancellation,
4-Mic ENC Call Noise Cancellation
Waterproof RatingIPX6 WaterproofIPX6 Waterproof
ChargingWireless & Fast Wired ChargingWired Charging
Low-Latency Gaming0.038s Low-Latency Gaming38ms low latency
Playtime40 Hours Playtime140 Hours Long Battery,
Music playing time: About 8 hours
Playtime with a charging case: About 130-140 hours
App SupportSupport Baseus APPSupport Baseus APP
Additional FeaturesDigital DisplayMini in-ear and convenient
BluetoothVersion 5.3Version 5.3

Baseus Bowie MA10s vs Bowie MA10: Key differences explained

Design and Comfort

At first glance, the Bowie MA10s and Bowie MA10 earbuds look very similar. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the MA10s are slightly smaller, likely due to the more compact ear wings.

Both earbuds have touch panels with different designs and round LED indicators. The earbuds are identical on the inside, featuring the same charging contacts and silicone ear tips.

Baseus Bowie MA10s vs MA10 Design

Both the Baseus Bowie MA10 and MA10s are equally comfortable in the ears, thanks to the secure fit provided by the ear wings. This makes them suitable for sports and other physical activities.

The main difference in design lies in the charging cases, with the MA10s having a more compact case (73 x 32 x 41 mm, weighing 58 grams) compared to the larger MA10 case (82 x 46 x 38 mm, weighing 107 grams).

Waterproof Rating

The Bowie MA10s earbuds have an IPX4 waterproof rating, while the previous model, the MA10, is IPX6 rated. Although the older earbuds have a slightly better waterproof standard, both models are not suitable for underwater use.

They are, however, protected against splashes and sweat, making them ideal for workouts and outdoor activities.

Mobile App and Features

Both the Baseus Bowie MA10 and MA10s support the Baseus mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices.

The app allows users to customize various settings, such as ambient sound modes (normal, transparency, and noise reduction), equalizer modes (classic, mega bass, theater, etc.), and gesture controls (double-tap, press-hold, and tap three times).

Additionally, both earbuds feature a low latency mode for improved gaming experience.

The MA10s introduce a new feature called Spatial Acoustics, which offers three modes: normal, music, and game. This feature enhances the overall sound experience, making it more immersive and three-dimensional.

Sound Quality and Microphone Performance

The Baseus Bowie MA10 and MA10s are equipped with the same 13mm dynamic drivers and support AAC and SBC codecs, as well as Bluetooth 5.3. Given the identical hardware and specifications, the sound quality is expected to be similar.

However, the MA10s seem to have a slightly more powerful bass response. Both earbuds offer customizable sound through the equalizer modes in the app, allowing users to tailor the audio to their preferred genres.

Baseus Bowie MA10s vs MA10

The standout feature of the MA10s is the Spatial Acoustics, which significantly improves the overall listening experience, making the earbuds an excellent choice for their $40 price point.

Both earbuds feature four ENC microphones, resulting in comparable microphone quality. They are suitable for phone calls and voice recordings in various environments.

Battery Life and Charging

One of the main differences between the Bowie MA10 and MA10s lies in their charging cases and overall battery life. The earbuds themselves have the same 50mAh battery capacity and offer up to 8 hours of playback on a single charge.

However, the MA10’s charging case is nearly twice the size of the MA10s, resulting in a much longer total battery life of up to 140 hours, compared to the 38 hours offered by the MA10s.

Baseus Bowie MA10s vs MA10

While the MA10 is ideal for those who prefer less frequent charging, the MA10s offer the convenience of wireless charging, a feature that many users may find valuable.

Baseus Bowie MA10s vs MA10: Final Verdict

In conclusion, both the Baseus Bowie MA10 and MA10S are excellent choices within their price range, offering advanced features and good performance. The decision ultimately comes down to your priorities:

  • If you prefer a more compact charging case, a digital display for battery levels, enhanced bass, and spatial sound, the Bowie MA10S is the better choice.
  • If longer total battery life and a slightly better waterproof rating are more important to you, and you don’t mind a larger case, then the Bowie MA10 is the way to go.

Both models are competitively priced, with the MA10 being slightly cheaper. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these budget-friendly, high-performance earbuds from Baseus.

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