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Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro vs QCY HT10: Which Earbuds to Choose?

Can’t decide between the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro and the QCY HT10? This article will help you compare these two popular models and make an informed decision.

We’ll look at key features like Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, comfort, noise cancellation, sound quality, and pricing to help you determine which pair best suits your needs.

Before diving into the review, here are the quick specs differences between the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro vs QCY HT10:

FeatureBaseus Bowie MA10 ProQCY HT10
Bluetooth Version5.35.3
Battery Life~8 hours (ANC off, 70% volume)~5 hours (ANC off)
Active Noise Cancellation48dB46dB
Wireless ChargingYesNo
Case DisplayLED battery indicatorNo display
Companion AppBaseus appQCY app
Sound SignatureBass-heavyBalanced
Ear TipsSilicone tipsNo silicone tips
Best DealView on AliExpressView on AliExpress

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro vs QCY HT10: Detailed Review

Design and Build Quality

Both the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro and QCY HT10 offer sleek designs and solid build quality, but they have some notable differences:

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro:

  • Compact, rounded charging case with a matte finish
  • LED display on the case showing battery percentage
  • Earbuds feature a stem design, similar to AirPods
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Charging case supports wireless charging
  • IPX6 water resistance rating


  • Pebble-shaped charging case with a glossy finish
  • No display on the case
  • Earbuds have a stemless, more compact design
  • Typically available in fewer color options
  • No wireless charging for the case
  • IPX5 water resistance rating

The Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro edges out the QCY HT10 in terms of premium features, with its LED display and wireless charging capability. However, the QCY HT10’s stemless design may appeal to those who prefer a more discreet look.

Both models use quality plastics in their construction, resulting in lightweight yet durable products. The materials used for both the earbuds and charging cases feel robust and capable of withstanding daily use.

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro vs QCY HT10

Both earbuds are designed for comfort, but we found the QCY HT10 to be slightly more comfortable for extended wear. However, individual ear shapes and sizes may affect your personal experience. It’s worth noting that the QCY HT10 doesn’t use silicone ear tips, which some users may prefer.

In terms of water resistance, the Baseus model has a slight advantage with its IPX6 rating compared to the QCY’s IPX5. This means the Baseus earbuds can withstand more powerful water jets, making them slightly more suitable for intense workouts or rainy conditions.


Both the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro and QCY HT10 feature Bluetooth 5.3 technology, ensuring a stable and reliable wireless connection to your devices.

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro vs QCY HT10

The Baseus model is compatible with the Baseus app, while the QCY HT10 works with the QCY app. In our tests, both earbuds demonstrated good Bluetooth performance and connectivity.

Battery Life and Charging

One significant difference between these models is battery life:

  • Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro: Offers approximately 8 hours of continuous music playback with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) turned off and volume at about 70%.
  • QCY HT10: Provides around 5 hours of continuous music playback with ANC off, depending on volume levels.

The Baseus model clearly takes the lead in battery life. Additionally, it comes with some extra features:

  • LED display on the charging case showing battery levels
  • Wireless charging capability for the case

These convenient features are not available on the QCY HT10.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Both models offer active noise cancellation, but there’s a slight difference in their capabilities:

  • Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro: 48dB ANC
  • QCY HT10: 46dB ANC

While the Baseus model has a slight edge in noise cancellation strength, both perform well in reducing ambient noise.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is subjective, but both earbuds impressed us in this area:

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro:

  • Powerful bass response
  • High volume capability
  • Customizable sound effects through the Baseus app


  • Well-balanced sound signature
  • Good bass, though not as intense as the Baseus model
  • Maintains sound quality at maximum volume
Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro vs QCY HT10

The Baseus model might appeal more to bass enthusiasts, while the QCY offers a more balanced sound that some listeners may prefer.

Microphone Quality

We tested the microphones on both models:

  • Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro: Clear voice capture, suitable for calls and voice commands
  • QCY HT10: Good microphone performance, on par with the Baseus model

Both earbuds should serve you well for phone calls and virtual meetings.

Gaming Performance

For gamers concerned about audio delay, both models performed well in our latency tests. Neither showed significant lag that would impact gaming experience.

Price Comparison

As of the time of writing:

  • Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro: Approximately $60
  • QCY HT10: Around $30

Please note that prices may fluctuate over time and vary by retailer.

Best Deal:

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro: View on AliExpress

QCY HT10: View on AliExpress

Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro vs QCY HT10: Which One Should You Choose?

While both earbuds offer strong performance, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro edges out the QCY HT10 in several areas:

  • Longer battery life
  • Wireless charging case with LED display
  • Slightly stronger ANC
  • More powerful bass response
  • More customization options through its app

However, the QCY HT10 is no slouch:

  • Very comfortable fit, especially for those who prefer earbuds without silicone tips
  • Well-balanced sound that some may prefer over bass-heavy options
  • Slightly lower price point

So, If you prioritize battery life, extra features like wireless charging, and powerful bass, the Baseus Bowie MA10 Pro is likely your best bet.

However, if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of earbuds with balanced sound at a slightly lower price, the QCY HT10 is an excellent choice.


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