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Urbanista Launches 2nd-Gen Solar-Powered Phoenix Earbuds & Los Angeles Headphones

In a groundbreaking move, Urbanista is redefining the audio experience with its latest announcement: the launch of the second-generation Los Angeles headphones and Phoenix earbuds.

Both products, which are at the forefront of solar-powered audio technology, have received significant upgrades, promising to elevate the listening experience for users globally.

Urbanista Launches 2nd-Gen Solar-Powered Phoenix Earbuds & Los Angeles Headphones
image credit: Urbanista

Revolutionary Solar Charging Technology

Urbanista continues to harness the innovative Powerfoyle solar charging technology by Exeger for these new models.

This technology allows both the Los Angeles headphones and the Phoenix earbuds to charge using sunlight, offering a unique blend of eco-friendliness and convenience.

Urbanista Launches 2nd-Gen Solar-Powered Phoenix Earbuds & Los Angeles Headphones
image credit: Urbanista

Enhanced Noise Cancellation and Design

A key upgrade in the second-generation models is the shift from active to adaptive noise cancellation, providing a more immersive and personalized audio experience.

The designs have also been refined for both the Los Angeles headphones and Phoenix earbuds, making them more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing.

Urbanista Launches 2nd-Gen Solar-Powered Phoenix Earbuds & Los Angeles Headphones
image credit: Urbanista

Affordability Meets Advanced Technology

Set to hit the market in mid-year, these next-gen devices will be more affordable than their predecessors.

The Los Angeles headphones are priced at $179, a drop from the original $199, while the Phoenix earbuds will be available for $129, down from $149.

Extended Battery Life with Solar Charging

The integration of solar charging allows these devices to offer impressive battery life.

The Los Angeles headphones, for instance, can last up to 50 days with 10 hours of daily low light charging and four hours of usage per day.

The Phoenix earbuds also boast up to 16 days of listening under similar conditions, with potential for even more extended playback in stronger sunlight.

Design and Comfort Improvements

The new Los Angeles headphones now include a 3.5mm jack for wired listening, addressing a significant omission in the original model.

Additionally, both the headphones and earbuds have been redesigned to be more comfortable, with the Los Angeles featuring a lower clamping force and the Phoenix earbuds boasting a more compact size.

Battery Life and Power Efficiency

Despite the more power-efficient components in the new Los Angeles headphones, the battery life has been adjusted to 60 hours in total darkness, a strategic decision to balance weight and comfort.

The Phoenix earbuds, on the other hand, have not seen a reduction in battery capacity, offering a total of 40 hours of playtime.

Advanced Features and Durability

Both models come with improved features such as multipoint connection, upgraded on-ear detection, and for the Phoenix, an enhanced IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.

These upgrades make the second-generation models more versatile and durable.

Staying Ahead in Solar Charging Innovation

Urbanista’s early adoption of Exeger’s Powerfoyle technology has positioned it as a pioneer in the field.

Despite the emergence of competitors, Urbanista remains confident in its technological edge and experience.

The company believes that increased adoption of solar charging technology across the industry will lead to collective growth and improvement.

In conclusion, Urbanista’s second-generation solar-powered Los Angeles headphones and Phoenix earbuds represent a significant leap forward in audio technology.

By combining enhanced noise cancellation, improved design, and groundbreaking solar charging capabilities, these devices are not just environmentally friendly, but they also promise an unparalleled audio experience for users.

As the market eagerly anticipates their release, Urbanista stands poised to redefine the standards of wireless audio technology.


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