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SoundCore Liberty 4 vs Liberty 3 Pro: Which One to Choose?

Choosing between the SoundCore Liberty 4 and the SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro can be tricky for music lovers and tech fans alike.

Both sets of earbuds are popular for their great features, sound, and design.

This detailed comparison will help you figure out the differences between them, making it easier for you to decide which one suits you best.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro: Specs Comparison

FeatureSoundCore Liberty 4SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro
DesignStem design with sliding case, elongated LED indicator, internal pairing buttonStemless design, three front LEDs, external pairing button, slightly thinner case
ComfortIncludes four sizes of silicone ear tips, comfortable but sensitive touch controlsIncludes silicone ear tips and an added piece for better fit, larger touch control area
Water ResistanceIPX4IPX4
Battery LifeUp to 9 hours playback, 28 hours with case. Less with ANC and spatial audio activatedUp to 8 hours playback, 32 hours with case
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3, supports aptX codec, Qualcomm aptX Wireless Audio certifiedBluetooth 5.2, supports aptX codec, Qualcomm aptX Wireless Audio certified
App FeaturesSoundcore app for custom settings, heart rate sensor for fitness trackingSoundcore app for custom settings, more accessible control customization
Sound QualityDual dynamic driver setup, excellent bass and clarityDual driver with balanced armature and dynamic driver, superior mid and high frequency control
Additional FeaturesHeart rate sensor, spatial audio modeBetter noise cancellation and transparency mode
Price$149$169.99 (often found at lower prices in specific offers)

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs Liberty 3 Pro: Design and Build

Charging Case

Both the Liberty 4 and Liberty 3 Pro feature sleek, compact charging cases with a pleasant rubbery finish, offering portability and durability.

The Liberty 3 Pro’s case is slightly thinner, but each has its unique LED positioning and button placement for pairing, showing they are designed with user convenience in mind.

Both cases support USB-C charging and offer a sliding top cover adorned with the SoundCore logo, ensuring easy access and security for the earbuds inside.


The earbuds themselves sport different designs: the Liberty 4 comes with a stem, while the Liberty 3 Pro opts for a stemless, thicker profile.

The Liberty 4 boasts touch controls on the stem, and a heart rate sensor, and comes with various silicone ear tip sizes.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro

The Liberty 3 Pro, on the other hand, features a larger external touch area and an additional silicone piece for enhanced comfort and fit.

Both models are water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, ensuring they are suitable for workouts and outdoor activities.

Comfort and Usability

In terms of comfort, both models excel, but the Liberty 3 Pro edges out slightly due to its unique silicone fit that provides a secure and almost invisible presence in the ear.

The Liberty 3 Pro also offers a more accessible and less sensitive touch control area compared to the side-stem touch controls of the Liberty 4, making it the preferred choice for usability.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro: Battery Life

Battery performance is crucial for true wireless earbuds. The Liberty 4 promises up to 9 hours of playback without noise cancellation (reducing to 7 with ANC and further to 5 with spatial audio), with a total of 28 hours including the case under optimal conditions.

The Liberty 3 Pro, in contrast, offers up to 8 hours from the earbuds and a total of 32 hours with the case.

Real-world usage tends to show the Liberty 3 Pro holding a slight advantage in battery life, especially with ANC activated.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs Liberty 3 Pro: Connectivity and Features

Both earbuds feature advanced Bluetooth connectivity, with the Liberty 4 supporting the slightly newer Bluetooth 5.3 standard compared to the Liberty 3 Pro’s Bluetooth 5.2.

Each pair can utilize the aptX codec for high-quality audio transmission. The Soundcore app enhances the user experience by allowing detailed customization, from touch control configurations to equalizer settings and noise cancellation adjustments.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro

A notable difference is the Liberty 4’s inclusion of a heart rate sensor, an added benefit for fitness enthusiasts, though its practicality may vary from person to person.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro: Sound & Microphone Quality

Sound Quality

The sound quality is where both earbuds shine, but with nuanced differences that cater to different preferences.

The Liberty 4 utilizes a dual dynamic driver setup that excels in delivering rich bass and clear audio across frequencies.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro

The Liberty 3 Pro, featuring a dual driver arrangement with a balanced armature, provides slightly superior clarity and control in the mid and high frequencies, making it the preferred choice for audiophiles who prioritize detailed sound reproduction.

Microphone Quality

In terms of call quality, both earbuds offer excellent microphone performance, capturing voice clearly and effectively reducing background noise.

This makes them equally suitable for phone calls and virtual meetings, ensuring clear communication in various environments.

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro: Price

The Liberty 4 is priced at $149, offering modern features like heart rate tracking for those interested in integrating their earbuds into their fitness routines.

The Liberty 3 Pro, initially priced higher at $169.99, can often be found at a reduced price, providing exceptional value for those prioritizing sound quality and comfort.

Where to buy?

ModelBest Deal
SoundCore Liberty 4View on Amazon
View on AliExpress
SoundCore Liberty 3 ProView on Amazon
View on AliExpress

SoundCore Liberty 4 vs Liberty 3 Pro: Final Verdict

When it comes down to picking between the SoundCore Liberty 4 and the Liberty 3 Pro, it really depends on what you like and what you’re looking for.

The Liberty 4 is packed with the latest features like tracking your heart rate and having a longer battery life, making it perfect for folks who love gadgets and staying active.

On the flip side, the Liberty 3 Pro shines with its top-notch sound, comfy fit, and easy-to-use touch controls, making it a favorite for music lovers and anyone who wants their listening to be smooth and enjoyable.

No matter which one you go for, you’re going to get a great set of earbuds that live up to SoundCore’s reputation for being innovative and top-quality.

Just think about what’s more important to you—whether it’s the advanced fitness features of the Liberty 4 or the exceptional sound quality of the Liberty 3 Pro.

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