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Lenovo LP40 Pro vs Lenovo XT81: Which Should You Buy?

Are you stuck deciding between the Lenovo LP40 Pro and the Lenovo XT81 Bluetooth earphones? In this article, I’ll compare these two models for you.

Both earbuds are affordable and pack plenty of features. The Lenovo LP40 Pro has a simple, understated design, while the XT81 rocks a more striking look, aimed at gamers.

But which one gives you the best bang for your buck? Let’s break it down and find out.

Lenovo LP40 Pro vs Lenovo XT81: Difference

FeatureLenovo LP40 ProLenovo XT81
Case DesignGood material, headphones well-protectedAttractive design, but headphones not well-protected
Touch ControlsYesYes
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth RangeApproximately 10 metersApproximately 10 meters
FitSecure fit, doesn’t fall outSecure fit, doesn’t fall out
ComfortComfortableMore comfortable than LP40 Pro
Battery LifeApproximately 5 hours, 250mAh caseApproximately 4 hours, 250mAh case
Microphone QualityGoodGood
Sound QualityLoud with good highs, lacks bass, slightly better than XT81Loud with good highs, lacks bass, slightly distorted at max volume
Delay/LatencyNoticeable delay, but reasonableNoticeable delay, but reasonable
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Lenovo LP40 Pro vs Lenovo XT81: In-depth Review

Differences Between the Earphones

When it comes to the design of the cases, I found the material of the Lenovo LP40 Pro case to be sturdy, providing good protection for the earphones.

On the other hand, while the Lenovo XT81 case looks stylish, I felt that the earphones weren’t as well-protected inside it. For more detailed insights into each of these earphones, check out the full reviews on the Mozuca channel.

Lenovo LP40 Pro vs Lenovo XT81

Both earphones feature touch controls, but there are differences in their Bluetooth technology. The Lenovo LP40 Pro boasts Bluetooth 5.1, whereas the Lenovo XT81 comes with Bluetooth 5.3.

In my experience, both earphones offered reliable Bluetooth connectivity, quickly pairing with smartphones without any signal interruptions within a range of approximately 10 meters, depending on the surrounding environment.

Fit and Comfort

Putting both earphones in my ears, I found that they both remained secure even with movement, ensuring they didn’t fall out.

However, in terms of comfort, the Lenovo XT81 felt slightly more comfortable compared to the Lenovo LP40 Pro, though neither significantly muffled outside noise.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the Lenovo LP40 Pro provides approximately 5 hours of continuous music playback, depending on the volume, with an additional 250mAh of battery capacity in the case.

Conversely, the Lenovo XT81 offers around 4 hours of continuous playback, also depending on volume, with the same battery capacity in the case.

Microphone Quality

Testing the microphones of both earphones, the Lenovo XT81 delivered clear audio, capturing my voice accurately in various environments.

Lenovo LP40 Pro vs Lenovo XT81

Similarly, the Lenovo LP40 Pro showcased commendable microphone quality, making it suitable for calls or voice recordings.

Sound Quality

Regarding sound quality, both earphones delivered loud and crisp audio with good treble. However, neither excelled in providing deep bass.

At maximum volume, the sound from the Lenovo XT81 slightly distorted, whereas the Lenovo LP40 Pro maintained better audio clarity.

Despite both models lacking in bass, I found the sound quality of the Lenovo LP40 Pro to be marginally superior to that of the Lenovo XT81.

Sound and Delay Tests

Conducting sound and delay tests, both earphones performed well during music playback and gaming.

However, activating the gaming mode notably reduced latency, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Both earbuds are very cheap and available at different prices depending on region but here I’ll provide the best deal for you:

LP40: View on AliExpress

XT81: View on AliExpress

Lenovo LP40 Pro vs Lenovo XT81: Which One Should You Buy?

After thoroughly testing and comparing the Lenovo LP40 Pro and the Lenovo XT81, my personal recommendation would be to go with the Lenovo LP40 Pro.

While both headphones have their strengths and weaknesses, the LP40 Pro edges out the XT81 in terms of overall sound quality and build quality.

The slightly better audio performance and the more protective case design make it a more compelling choice for me.

However, it’s important to note that the Lenovo XT81 is still a decent option, especially if you prioritize comfort and the newer Bluetooth 5.3 technology.

If you find the XT81 at a significantly lower price point, it could be a more budget-friendly alternative.

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