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Huawei FreeClip Review – Daringly Different!

If you’re contemplating purchasing the Huawei FreeBuds but find yourself hesitating, unsure if they’re the right choice for you, then this article is here to help.

After spending some quality time with these earbuds, I’m excited to share my experience with you.

So in this Huawei FreeClip Review, we’ll explore the good, the bad, and most importantly, whether they are worth the investment considering their cost.

Huawei FreeBuds Specifications

DimensionsEarphone: approx 26.70 × 22.00 × 25.30 mm
Charging case: approx 59.70 × 51.95 × 27.35 mm
WeightEach earphone: 5.6 g ± 0.3 g
Charging case: 45.5 g ± 2 g
Battery CapacityEarphones: 55 mAh (minimum value each)
Charging case: 510 mAh (minimum value)
Battery LifeMusic playback: 8 hours after a full charge and 36 hours when used with the charging case.
Charging MethodWired: USB-C
Wireless: up to 2 W
Charging TimeEarbuds: About 40 mins (in the charging case)
Charging case (wired, without earbuds): About 60 mins
Charging case (wireless, without earbuds): About 150 mins
Standby Time270 days (earphones in the charging case, cap closed)
Microphone3 silicon microphones
1 bone conduction microphone
ControlsTap on the Acoustic Ball, the C-bridge, or the Comfort Bean
Double-tap: Play/Pause audio, answer/end call
Triple-tap: Play next track
SensorVPU sensor/IMU sensor/Hall sensor/CAP sensor
Splash, Water, and Dust ResistanceEarphones: IP54
Charging case: Not waterproof
Audio FormatsSBC, AAC, LDAC, L2HC2.0 supported
LHDC and Apt-X not supported

Huawei FreeClip Pros and Cons


  1. Unique Design: The earbuds feature a distinctive C-shaped form that is not only visually appealing but also provides a comfortable fit, ensuring they stay in place during various activities.
  2. Durable Build Quality: Made of matte plastic, the charging case is resilient to bumps and everyday wear, showing no signs of scratches, indicative of the overall top-notch product quality.
  3. Impressive Battery Life: Each earbud has a 55mAh capacity, and the charging case adds 510mAh, allowing for up to 8 hours of music playback and a total of 36 hours with the case.
  4. Versatile Charging Options: Supports both wired (USB-C) and wireless charging, offering flexibility and convenience.
  5. Advanced Connectivity: Features Bluetooth 5.3, supports AAC codec and L2HC protocol (with Huawei smartphones), ensuring high-quality audio streaming and stable connections.
  6. Customizable Controls and Features: Includes pressure sensors, touch controls, and compatibility with the “AI Life” app for customization and firmware updates.


  1. Limited Noise Isolation: The earbuds lack external noise isolation and active noise cancellation (ANC), which may not be ideal for users who prefer full sound isolation.
  2. Microphone Quality: The microphones on the earbuds offer weak sound pickup and underwhelming external noise cancellation, impacting the call quality.
  3. No Custom Equalizer: Despite various audio modes, the absence of a custom equalizer in the app limits the ability to fine-tune sound preferences.
  4. Price: Priced at $199, they are on the higher end, although they often come with promotional offers like the Huawei Band 8.

Huawei FreeClip Review

Design and Build Quality

Starting with the charging case, it sports a familiar design akin to other Huawei products like the FreeBuds Pro.

It includes a USB Type-C port, a charging indicator LED, a pairing button, and the Huawei logo.

The matte plastic construction is durable and scratch-resistant, reflecting Huawei’s commitment to quality.

Huawei FreeClip Review

The earbuds themselves boast a unique, C-shaped design with a part that resembles a wing and another round section housing the sound driver.

This unusual shape, reminiscent of an earring, is not just aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to their comfort.

They sit securely in your ears, perfect for active use, though they lack external noise isolation.

Huawei FreeClip Review

They come equipped with pressure sensors for automatic playback control and customizable touch controls, offering versatility and convenience.

In terms of design, they have an IP54 resistance rating, making them suitable for sports and light rain exposure.

They are available in matte gray and purple, offering stylish choices for different tastes.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Huawei FreeBuds is impressive for their size. Each earbud has a 55mAh battery, and the case provides an additional 510mAh.

Huawei claims up to 8 hours of use per charge and a total of 36 hours with the case. In real-world usage, they nearly hit these marks, providing long-lasting performance.

The case supports USB Type-C and Qi wireless charging, adding to the earbuds’ convenience and functionality.


These earbuds excel in connectivity. They feature Bluetooth 5.3, support the AAC codec, and the L2HC protocol with Huawei smartphones, offering high-quality audio streaming.

The “AI Life” app, available for Android and iOS, enhances the experience by allowing customization of touch controls, audio modes, and firmware updates. However, the lack of a custom equalizer is a noticeable omission.

Huawei FreeClip Review

They also offer pop-up recognition with Huawei devices, support binaural use, and provide stable connectivity with minimal latency, making them ideal for video watching and gaming.

Microphone Quality

The microphone quality is a bit of a letdown. While the earbuds are comfortable for phone calls, the microphone’s sound pickup is weak, and the noise cancellation is underwhelming. This is a compromise due to the earbuds’ unique design.

Sound Quality

Discussing sound quality, these earbuds have a 10.8mm dynamic driver, providing a good balance across frequencies.

Huawei FreeClip Review

They deliver punchy lows and detailed mids and highs. The sound leakage is minimal, and they perform well for workouts and running.

However, the lack of active noise cancellation (ANC) and limited passive isolation might be a drawback for some users.

How to Connect Huawei FreeClip

To connect Huawei FreeBuds to your Android, iOS device, or PC, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Charging Case: This turns on the earbuds automatically.
  2. Enable Pairing Mode: Press and hold the button on the back of the case for about 2 seconds. A flashing light indicates readiness to pair.
  3. Activate Bluetooth: On your device, enable Bluetooth.
  4. Select Huawei FreeBuds: Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and choose “HUAWEI FreeBuds”. Enter “0000” if prompted for a password.
  5. Confirmation: The earbuds will be paired and connected to your device.

For PCs (Windows), the process is similar but starts with enabling Bluetooth on the PC and using the “Bluetooth and other devices” settings to add the FreeBuds.

Final Verdict on Huawei FreeClip

The Huawei FreeClip stands alone in the market, carving out a unique niche for itself. This device isn’t just another entry in the crowded true wireless stereo (TWS) earbud arena; it’s a bold statement in style and innovation, setting its own standards and challenging conventional designs. With its distinct fit and subjective aesthetics, the FreeClip transcends traditional comparisons.

Priced at £180/€200, the FreeClip represents a significant investment in personal audio gear. Huawei’s strategy of bundling gifts with its wearables does soften the blow somewhat, making the price more palatable.

However, this isn’t a set that will appeal to everyone, especially those for whom audio quality is the paramount concern.

The ideal FreeClip user is someone who values uniqueness and is drawn to the unconventional. These earbuds are for those who aren’t just looking to listen to music, but to make a statement while doing so.

Their extravagant fit and striking design are meant to turn heads and start conversations. If you find yourself intrigued by their distinctive style, the FreeClip might just surprise you with how well they fit into your lifestyle and perhaps even exceed your expectations.

FAQs on Huawei FreeClip Earbuds

What is the battery life of Huawei FreeClip?

The Huawei FreeClip offers up to 8 hours of music playback on a full charge and up to 36 hours with the charging case.

Are Huawei FreeClip earbuds water-resistant?

Yes, the earbuds have an IP54 rating for splash, water, and dust resistance. However, the charging case is not waterproof.

Can the Huawei FreeClip be charged wirelessly?

Yes, the FreeClip supports wireless charging up to about 2 W, in addition to wired charging via USB-C.

What audio formats do Huawei FreeClip support?

The FreeClip supports SBC, AAC, and L2HC audio formats.

How long does it take to charge the Huawei FreeClip?

It takes about 40 minutes to charge the earbuds in the case, around 60 minutes for the case (wired) without earbuds, and about 150 minutes wirelessly.

Do Huawei FreeClip earbuds support touch controls?

Yes, they have touch controls for playing/pausing audio, answering/ending calls, and playing the next track.

Are Huawei FreeClip earbuds compatible with non-Huawei smartphones?

Yes, they are compatible with other smartphones, featuring Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, but certain features like L2HC protocol are exclusive to Huawei phones.


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