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Haylou S30 vs Haylou S35: What’s the difference?

It’s hard to pick a pair of headphones, especially when comparing similar models like the Haylou S30 and S35. Both headphones have many similarities as well as differences.

In this article, I’ll be comparing both models in detail.

Before deep in here are the quick differences between Haylou S30 vs Haylou S35:

  • Bluetooth: S30 – 5.4, S35 – 5.2
  • Battery: S30 – Up to 80 hrs, S35 – Up to 60 hrs
  • ANC: S30 – 43dB, S35 – 42dB
  • Conversation Mode: S30 has it, S35 doesn’t
  • Spatial Audio: S30 has it, S35 doesn’t
  • External Mic: S30 reviewed version has it
  • Value: S30 considered better value

Haylou S30 vs S35: Side-by-side specs comparison

CompatibilityHaylou S30Haylou S35
Communication range10 meters (open environment without obstacles)About 10 meters (without any obstacles)
Battery capacity600mAh600mAh
Playtime80 hours (ANC off), 50 hours (ANC on)Approx. 60 hour ANC off, approx. 40 hour ANC on
Charging timeApprox. 2.5 hoursAbout 2.5 hours
Charging interfaceType-CType-C
Standby timeApprox. 20 days (ANC off)Approx. 20 days (ANC off)
Battery typeLi-Ion polymer batteryPolymer lithium battery
Wireless connectionBluetooth 5.4Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth protocolsA2DP / AVRCP/ HFPHFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Audio codecsAAC / SBCSBC/AAC
CompatiblityiOS / AndroidiOS / Android
PriceCheck on AliExpressCheck on AliExpress

Haylou S30 vs Haylou S35: Key Differences Explained

Bluetooth Version

The first noticeable difference between the Haylou S30 and S35 lies in their Bluetooth versions.

The Haylou S30 boasts Bluetooth 5.4, providing advanced connectivity and efficiency compared to the Haylou S35’s Bluetooth 5.2.

This upgraded Bluetooth technology in the S30 enhances connectivity stability, data transfer rates, and overall performance, making it a standout feature for tech-savvy users.

Battery Life and Performance

Battery life is a crucial factor in any wireless device, and here again, the Haylou S30 excels.

With the S30, you can enjoy an impressive playback time of up to 80 hours with noise cancellation turned off, and around 50 hours with noise cancellation activated.

On the other hand, the Haylou S35 offers slightly shorter playback times, delivering approximately 60 hours of playback with noise cancellation off, and about 40 hours with it on.

This significant difference in battery performance positions the S30 as a clear winner for those seeking extended usage without frequent recharging.

Design and Comfort

Both models feature a sleek and ergonomic design, but the Haylou S30 offers a more comprehensive ear-covering design, providing enhanced comfort and effective sound isolation.

Haylou S30 vs Haylou S35
image credit: Haylou

The active noise cancellation capability of the S30, rated at 43 dB, surpasses that of the S35 (42 dB), ensuring a more immersive and undisturbed listening experience.

Unique Features

The Haylou S30 introduces innovative features like a conversation mode and touch controls.

The conversation mode allows users to amplify external sounds temporarily by lowering music volume, facilitating easier communication without removing the headphones.

Additionally, the touch-sensitive controls enable seamless management of music playback and sound levels, enhancing overall user convenience.

Spatial Sound Experience

One standout feature exclusive to the Haylou S30 is its 360-degree spatial sound effect, enriching the audio experience with immersive surround sound, which is absent in the S35 model.

This feature caters to audiophiles seeking a more dynamic and captivating listening experience.

Additional Accessories

The Haylou S30 package includes an external microphone, offering added versatility for voice calls or recording purposes, which is not part of the Haylou S35 package.

Haylou S30 vs Haylou S35
image credit: Haylou

This external mic enhances the functionality and usability of the S30, making it a more comprehensive wireless audio solution.

Value for Money

Considering the overall performance, features, and extended battery life of the Haylou S30, it presents a compelling value proposition compared to the Haylou S35.

Users seeking a feature-rich and long-lasting wireless headphone solution would find the S30 an excellent investment.

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Haylou S30 vs Haylou S35: Final Thoughts

In the battle between the Haylou S30 and the Haylou S35, the former emerges as the clear winner, offering a more future-proof and feature-rich experience.

From its advanced Bluetooth connectivity and extended battery life to its innovative conversation mode and spatial audio effect, the Haylou S30 is a compelling choice for those seeking the ultimate in wireless audio performance.

However, the Haylou S35 remains a viable option for those on a tighter budget or with more modest audio requirements.

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